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The BEST way of operating in this industry is all about keeping its entrepreneurial spirit alive to keep growing to progress and the power to succeed with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment.

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Our modern Warehousing service is managed by efficient and experienced professionals. We have been providing a whole range of state-of-the-art technology Warehousing facility.

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1996 is the birth year of Patel Cargo Movers with main activity of delivering of parcel consisting of sarees ,suits , fabric etc. . We have 15 Company owned offices which provide services at hundreds of locations across the country. Our company runs over 100 small and big vehicles and we are expanding.

It was a small beginning with Large vision and drive to excel. With the growth of transportation into various verticals it was renamed as “Patel Parcel Services Pvt. Ltd We are growing with the blessing of our esteemed customers. As we have catapulted into growth areas, organization has viewed employees welfare also as a means towards Customer satisfaction as we believe that if our employees are satisfied the customers will also be Satisfied

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